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Exam Date and Questions

Today is our last day of class.  We will make sure everyone can do well on the final exam.

The final exam is held on Monday, May 31 8:30 – 11:00 am.  The exam is held in the computer lab.

There are questions about spreadsheets and Scratch.  Be sure you review how to do things.

You are a great class and have done well.


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Day 36 — SketchUp Tool Videos

We will take a look at a couple of SketchUp videos.  These are short videos demonstrating how the various tools work in SketchUp.

We will continue our work on the school store.

Remember to take time to prepare for your keyboarding test.

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Day 35 or close enough — SketchUp

Class, it is important to be accurate in creating our model of the store.  We have taken measurements.  We can check things at any time.

Students may follow along the screen or work on their own.  There is a library of  videos to help you learn what each tool does in SketchUp.

Be sure to have some fun with this.

We need to finish the following two items:

  • presentations
  • keyboarding test on 20th May

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Day 34 — Keyboarding, Final Presentations and SketchUp

First thing today, we will practice our keyboarding skills.

Students who have their presentations finished will hand them in today.  We will watch them as a class.

We will then progress on our 3D modeling skills using SketchUp.

Have fun with this.

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Day 31 – 33 –> Independent Work

Mr Richard will not be at school this week.  Students are expected to continue to work.  Here are your tasks:

  • complete your presentations
  • work through the keyboarding lessons and practice for the test
  • begin progressing through the tutorials for SketchUp  (they are located in  My Documents –> Class Files –> Grade 7 –> SketchUp Tutorials
  • update your website

Students are to use their time wisely.  Next week, when Mr Richard is back, all the presentations will be finished.  Students will have progressed through the keyboarding lessons and everyone will have completed the tutorials for SketchUp.

Be good.  See you soon.

Mr Richard

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Day 30 — Presentations Begin!

Those that are finished with their presentations will show the class their completed product.  Here are a few rules for us:

  • monitors off — pay attention
  • you cannot make fun of the presenter or the presentation
  • you can ask questions or make positive comments
  • clap, laugh, have fun

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Day 29 — Get Presentations Ready

Welcome back students.  Today in class we will see how everyones’ presentations are coming along.  If students need more time, you will be given it.  It is important to produce original, informative and creative presentations for our class.

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Day 27 — Work on Presentations … Rubric

Students are to use class time efficiently and effectively to prepare their presentations.  Conduct research, experiment with design and try out software.

In class we will review a few concepts and techniques in creating a presentation.

Here is your marking guideline:  presentation assessment

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Day 26 — Presentation Tools

Students will present information and ideas throughout their school years and beyond.  To help build our repertoire of presentations tools, we will explore some applications in class.   Students will then be given an assigned topic to research and present to the class.

So far, we know how to publish on the web to get ideas across (check out our class websites on the link list).  It is possible to run a web server on a USB drive and present information through a web interface if the internet connection is slow.  We will explore screen capture tools (CamStudio, OneNote).  Use Picasa to edit and manipulate images and use presentation software to help us put together our information.

Students may work in pairs, or individually.  Choose a topic, check with Mr Richard, and make a plan on how you will research and present your topic to the class.

On your computers, there is an eBook called Computers 2008. It is in two parts.  You may refer to this book for information.  Please do research on the internet as well.  Be sure to keep track of where you get your information so you can reference your sources.

computers 2008

Students are encouraged to be creative in their presentations.  Explore different ways to get your ideas across.

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Day 25 — Keyboarding, WordPress

It is important for us to continue to progress through the keyboarding lessons.  For the two students that have finished, please take a keyboarding test to ensure you can still meet the objectives of 97% accuracy and 35 wpm.

If you have time, you can work on your site.

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